Poopy Phonics is in its initial press run and will be available at lower pricing on successive printings. If you want to be consider a temporary, exclusive promotion a new printing can reduce the price to mass market rates. Just ask.

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I have one other successful mass market book, in its fourth printing with over 30 five-star reviews on and professionally distributed by a major, national US distributor. Maintaining that reputation is your greatest assurance of satisfaction.

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Promotion Ideas

We are glad to supply trial quantities for free to retailers, web and traditional, in exchange for exposure. For the right exposure, I’d consider providing the books at greater discounts or even making this an exclusive opportunity for a period of time until the book is widely known. It's a new product that draws attention.

  • Give them away as special favors.
  • Daycares can use it as a fundraising activity
  • Consider retailing it.
  • Offer them to your customers as an incentive for certain purchases or exceeding a purchase amount on your website or in your store. This technique has been very successful with another book I wrote, an Amazon 5-Star book on ergonomics. A website that retails ergonomic equipment offered the book as a free bonus to purchasers of keyboards.


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