Most kids are just itchin' to read, to know what all the fun is about and be just like mom and dad. You just haven't been giving them the right stuff. With Poopy Phonics—don't laugh, this is seriously stinky stuff—they'll be reading in no time. Your kids will be reading the newspaper, mail, and billboards so soon you'll be sorry they ever learned to read!

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A Look Inside

Thirty pages of disgusting, plopping, splatting rhyming words and flash cards, including those words and the 100 most common 1st-Grade words. Your kids will love making sentences out of them!

Games to Play with the Flashcards

I Spy

Just take a few cards and scramble them in a pile and challenge you child to find a certain one.

Silly Sentence

Take a word from the whole pile of flashcards to start a sentence. Then have your child select any other word to add to yours, to start making a sentence. Continue alternating turns until you want to start another sentence.

Find the Rhyming Words

Take a word from the pile of flashcards (one that has something that rhymes with it) and challenge your child to find a rhyming word. You can take turns or let your child find them all.

Same and Different

Select several flashcards that rhyme and one or more that doesn't rhyme, and challenge your child to find the ones that don't rhyme.


Make a short sentence from the cards and read the sentence but say one word wrong and challenge your child to say which word was wrong.

Plain Old Flashcards

Take a small stack of cards and have your child read them to you.

First or Last

Select a card and have your child find words with the same beginning or ending letter.


How Did Poopy Phonics Happen?

When my kids were learning to read, I noticed that kids just love potty words. Once someone says one of these magic words, kids just seem transformed, like pulling the string on a windup toy.

Around this time my younger daughter, Kira, needed some minor surgery, so one of the books we had was "Corduroy Goes to the Hospital." Since it had a very limited set of words, I made flashcards out of all of its words, to teach her to read. We played several different games with the cards and I never had to ask if she wanted to play... it was always her idea. I said a sentence and she had to find the words and construct it. Or she would find the words that rhymed, or just find particular words, or read the cards.

At some point those two ideas stuck together and the result is Poopy Phonics! Get it for your kids and I'll bet they'll be transformed, too... into readers.

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